A priority within

PRI Score of A+ 

Max rating achieved in all PRI Transparency Report categories

PRI implemented since 2010

Systematic ESG risk assessment based on proprietary ESG questionnaires and scoring model

ESG Committee & Working Group

Definition of the Annual ESG Action Plan and monitoring of compliance

Dedicated ESG Officer & ESG Committee

Continuous monitoring of ESG compliance and periodic review of ESG framework

Compulsory ESG training for all employees

Continuous engagement with employees in ESG matters

In-house developed ESG scoring model

Intensive analysis of all investments both in ex-ante due diligence and in ex-post monitoring

Altamar Foundation

Corporate donation program

Environmental Impact 

Sustainable and environmentally
friendly offices

Carbon neutrality agenda

Completely offsetting the company’s carbon footprint

The integration of ESG criteria is an essential element in Altamar’s and CAM’s culture. As responsible and diverse organisations and investors, both consider clear and transparent communication of their progress and achievements in this area are of vital importance in forging solid and lasting relationships with investors.

We have created a true leading pan European private asset manager of scale